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the first icarly-based discord bot, verified by discord and hosted 24/7 !

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Freddie Benson#0420


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^a horse - a horse

^blue - i’m blue club penguin moment

^bone - danganronpa guy says “bone. wait god- blend it”

^compliment - gives you a compliment. like ^insult, but inverted

^darwin - haha funnie gumball

^discord - gives you a link to the Official Discord Tm

^help - brings you to this page

^hey - copypasta stolen directly from

^insult - makes fredman give you a FIRE roast

^invite - gives a link to add him to your own server

^jfk - eheheh nothin bad ever happens to the kennedys!!!

^monky? - lets you know if it is fonky monky friday

^no - mister danganronpa disagrees with you // same thing as ^wrong

^owo? - make freditmanbot say owo

^ping ace - annoy my friend ace by having fredbot send them a link to the sans komaeda fingers in his ass video

^plankton - plankton fucking loses it

^purple guy - purple guy

^request - request fredits for the ^fredit command!
-proper usage: "^request freddie benson as (request)"

^sans - sans.

^say - make him say something….. maybe even a potty word

^stickbug - hey guys remember the stick bug meme??

^suggest - suggest things for the bot ! this will put a message directly into the support server where it can be voted on
-proper usage: "^suggest (suggestion goes here)"


^yas - starbucks haha

^young metronome - hey guys, it's your boy Young Metronome

^vibe check - fredbot checks your vibe

^vote - gives you a link to his vote page! voting for the bot is a nice way to show support :-)


^barry - sends a random image of barry bee benson

^carly - sends a random image of carly shay

^freddie - sends a random image of freddie benson

^fredit(s) - sends a random fredit from (it works both with and without the s)

^gibby - sends a random image of gibby

^lewbert - sends a random image of lewbert sline

^marissa - sends a random image of marissa / mrs. benson

^nevel - sends a random image of nevel papperman

^pride - pride edits of freddie

^sam - sends a random image of sam puckett

^snail - sometimes you just need a snail

^spencer - sends a random image of spencer shay

^tbo - sends a random image of tbo


saying any of these words may trigger a response from freditsbot
-”fortnite” and “simpsons”
- ”lemon” and “tube”
- “jello” and “yoshi”
- ”random” and “dancing”
- ”boat” and “noise”
- ”stupid” and “fruit” 
- “stupid” and “duck”
- “shut up”
- “girl help im drowning”
- ”dababy”
- “gaming”
- “typo”
- “when something happens”
- “orange juice”
- ”book it”
- “oven”
- “pickle”
- “menacing”
- “rat” 
- “spoiliops”
- “society”
- “conspiracy”
- “cringe”
- “almond”
- “caac”
- “ohio”
- ”man”
- "funny"
- “mcdonalds”
- “bambi”, “gamestop”, or “m&m”
-"weezer", "aw yeah", or "carl wheezer”
- “brazil”
- “nagito komaeda”
- “dio”
- “funny bear”
- “69”
- “what’s updog”
-if you say "a horse" fredbot will send a horse, but if you say "horse a", there might be a danganronpa reference

-for bonus hell points, try putting all of those words into one message!


if you say any of these words, freditsbot will react to the message

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