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CraftBlur Bot. Funny, Powerful and Friendly

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CraftBlur, A powerful moderation, fun and anime bot. It can moderate a server to keep it safe. It can ban, kick, mute and warn and extra safety features that can be found in `Yt!commMod`.It has also a ticket system that can be enabled or disabled based on the server needs. For fun, this bot is equipped with fun, almost always online api's. It can also play some pretty good games like rock, paper, scissor. The help command lists all the command groups beatifully. It also has anime commands like slap, poke, pat etc (A secret: It also has a fakewarn command with cooldown to fakely warn some users. You know "fun"). It can show a place's weather, time and covid status. It has minecraft commands that can help you when you are not near your pc. Just type `Yt!comMC` and get all the minecraft commands that can be used to check whether a server is online in both java and bedrock or check a mincraft player. (It also has a hidden easter egg for you to find. Best of Luck)
It has welcome and leave cards too? Well thats some good stuff.
More days = More commands. As more days passes through, the bot is learning and getting developed to its perfection. Suggestions came through and gone by. Some got approved and became a command/feature, some got denied beacuse they are not safe. But because people like you who give good suggestions, the bot is alive and getting more and more perfect.


You can suggest a command/feature and it will surely be implemented if it's possible and safe. You can report a buggy or non-working feature by using `Yt!bugrep`. You can report a user who is abusing the bot and then..... HE WILL GET BLOCKED FROM USING THE BOT. Pretty Cool right? No thoughts, THERE IS MORE. Just invite the bot and see it work magically right before your eyes. For more awesome features/commands, Stay tuned.

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