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🍭The perfect bot for your community with mod, fun, utilities, games, anime and more! #SextouBaby (🌍 With other languages)

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#SextouBaby! ❤️ The perfect bot for your community! complete with everything you need.

customizable prefix

💲 2 incredible saving modes for you to play! You can mine or steal a car, it will be up to you to choose between "Minecraft" and "GTA RP"! check out

🎵 Quality music (HQ) Listen to music in high definition! as much as you want, with 24/7! and of course with several incredible functions.

👮 Your server much more secure! Great security system, which always keeps up to date leaving your server complete against any type of threat.

🤖 Incredible utilities Useful for everything, be it translations or even TTS (text to speak). THE The bot has all these utilities, and is always updated with more.

👽 Update always! The bot receives constant updates so that you can be safe and have clear, more incredible commands. all without interfering with what you are doing! it is 24/7 for you to have help always.

24/7 support for you and everyone who needs it, either on the support server or even by command on the bot.

support server for help, click here

by TioSilvaa#8263 | #MadeInBrazil

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