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The most epic bot loaded with features such as Moderation, Music, ChatBot, Levelling, Economy, AutoMod, Anti-Raid, Alt-Terminator, Reaction Roles, Giveaways, Games, Image Manipulation, Utilities, Customized Setup and much more!

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👑 | The most EPIC Discord Bot loaded with:

• 🔨 | Powerful Moderation • 🎵 | Lag-Free Music • 🤖 | Lively ChatBot (AI) • 🏆 | Epic Levelling • 💲 | Rich Economy • 💭 | Smart AutoMod • 🔨 | Protective Anti-Raid & Alt-Terminator • 😛 | Custom Reaction Roles • 🎲 | Fun Games • 💸 | Long-Lasting Giveaways • 📷 | Image Manipulation • ⚙ | Fully Customisable • ✅ | Trusted by over 100 Servers

Ratings & Reviews Beta v2.0

disbotlist-xyz | Rating System
The most awesome discord bot I've ever seen. It has all the commands which everyone needs. Its 100% true that it is all-in-one multipurpose bot. I no more need tons of bots in my server, because ABLETON can bypass all of them.

disbotlist-xyz | Rating System
Ngl, but the bot is Pretty cool. I liked the design and work but it surely lags in economy. Needs more economy commands :)) overall the bot is in no comparison. If comparing to dyno, mee6 then surely this bot is better than those
vcodes-xyz | Rating System
Thanks for your honest review. ABLETON's economy has been a part of our To-Do List for a long time. New updates are dropped on a regular basis.

disbotlist-xyz | Rating System
Generally, I don't add random bots to my server. But once, I got recommended to try this bot. I just gave it a try and I was pretty satisfied with my decision. All my server members liked it and it is very fun! The leveling, modmail and automod system is very accurate! Thank you for recommending me such an awesome bot!!!

disbotlist-xyz | Rating System
I was randomly searching for bots in, and I found ABLETON... Trust me, I didn't regret after adding it to my server with thousand members My server just boosted up, the chat become active as hell... I was like woah!!! We can even host giveaways upto 100 days. The mod commands are very op! The games and economy are very interesting and addictive lol! Thank you to the dev who developed such an incredible bot!