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Vuon Vuon Co

A well designed bot that makes it easier for users to use with currency system commands, music and fun animations.

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• v+help See our list of commands for the Vuon Vuon Co bot:

• Command about meme mode or anime as: v+automeme, v+meme , v+slap , v+hug , v+social, v+kiss, ...

• The bot has a calculation function like: v+calc 1 + 2!

And having an extremely unique level system that just needs to be you spinning or chatting will automatically enhance your experience!!! Use v+rank to check your level!!\ v+set-rank bg (Link URL: .png, .jpeg, .jpg) - Background display settings.\ v+set-rank color - Sets embed color ranking!

• Server management commands for Employess Staff: v+mute, v+unmute, v+ban, v+kick, v+purge, v+upload ...

• There is also an Economy System:v+work, beg, v+crime, v+bank, v+rob, v+cash, v+leaderboard ...

• If you are agambling lover? Please use command:v+coinflip (Amount) (heads or tails), v+roullete (Amount) (red or black), v+slots, ... The system will automatically randomize the random results for you with no events at all and depends on your dignity :3 !!

• There is also a command to create a welcome and leave message for your server to ^^ There are picture available!!\ v+setup channel welcome (#Channel) - Setup channel logs welcome.\ v+setup description welcome (Text) - Setup message welcome.\ v+setup channel leave (#Channel) - Setup channel logs leave.\ v+setup description (Text) - Setup message leave.\ v+stop  - for stop welcome and leave

• There are many other great commands and features waiting for you. Please invite me now!!!

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