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Public Bot

Public Bot is a Music Bot with a Web-Dashboard

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Public Bot is an English bot with cool music commands. It was written in English and has an uptime of 99%.
The prefix of the bot is .

Here are some of the commands listed:


  • botinfo - Sends you a message about the bot!
  • help - Shows you the help or the help for a command.
  • invite - Gives you an invitation link for this bot!
  • stats - Sends you the bot statistics!
  • vote - Vote for me!

  • addprevious - Adds the previous song to the queue again!
  • addsimilar - Adds a song similar to the current track to the queue!
  • autoplay - Switches the Autoplay on / off!
  • clearqueue - Clears the queue!
  • forward - Fast forward a certain number of seconds!
  • join - The bot enters your channel!
  • loop - Repeats the current song or the queue!
  • moveme - Moves you to the bot!
  • nowplaying - Shows you information about the current song!
  • pause - Pause the current song!
  • play - Plays music from YouTube!
  • playprevious - Plays the previously played song and skips the current song!
  • playskip - Plays a song from Youtube immediately because it skips the current track and plays the next song!
  • queue - Show you the queue!
  • radio - Playing one of the radio stations!
  • remove - Removes a song from the queue!
  • replay - Restarts the current song!
  • resume - Continues the currently paused song!
  • rewind - Jumps backwards a certain number of seconds!
  • search - Search a song on YouTube!
  • searchsimilar - Find a song similar to the current title!
  • seek - Seeks to the position where you indicated!
  • shuffle - Shuffle the queue!
  • skip - Skips the current song!
  • skipto - Jump to a specific song!
  • stop - Stops the current track and exit the channel!
  • volume - Changes the volume!

  • bassboost - Changes the bass gain!
  • cleareq - Clears the equalizer!
  • equalizer - Changes the equalizer!

  • language - Change the language of the bot!
  • prefix - Changes the prefix of the Bot!
  • reactions - Switches on / off whether the music can be controlled with reactions!
  • reset - Deletes all settings from the server
  • setjoinvolume - Adjust the volume where the bot joins the channel!
  • settings - Shows you the current settings.
  • setup - Create a music setup for requesting songs!
  • toggleplaymessage - Switches the play message on / off.
  • togglerequestonly - Switches whether the user can use MUSIC commands in different channels or only in requests!
  • If you still need help, just join the Support Server

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