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Simple Bot

Simple Bot is a Multiuse bot that mainly focuses on its wide variety of different features From Moderation systems to economy

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Spongebob Is a Festive Sponge#3812


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This bot is great for moderatiom, Tickets, Economy and more!. We have been designing Simple Bot since 2019 and has lost of features that will help your server and provide some fun things to do while in your server

Some features that it includes are: A random number generator Heads or tails Ban users Mute users Warn users (it also dms them why they where warned0 a help command fully based around buttons to help get the help you need faster. an antilink system to stop people from posting links

We also have a Global economy system this means that any server simple bot is in your money will transfer to that server for you to continue your grind

Ratings & Reviews Beta v2.0