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Real a Powerful Music Bot That supports Spotify also and stay in vc for 24/7 hours

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,disconnect -- Disconnects the bot from the voice channel.
,forward    -- Forwards by a certain amount of time.
,grab       -- Saves the current playing song to your DMs.
,loop       -- Toggles looping for the current playing song.
,lyrics     -- Shows The Lyrics of the current track.
,nowplaying -- Shows what song Rythm is currently playing.
,pause      -- Pauses the current playing track.
,play       -- Play a song from YouTube with the given name/url.
,playskip   -- Skips the current song and plays the song.
,playtop    -- Adds a song with the given query on top of queue.
,replay     -- Resets the progress of the current song.
,resume     -- Resumes paused music.
,rewind     -- Rewinds by a certain amount of time.
,search     -- Searches from Youtube for a song via your query.
,seek       -- Seeks to a certain point in the current track.
,skip       -- Votes to skip the current playing song.
,soundcloud -- Play a song from SounCloud with the given name/url.

,clear      -- Clears the whole queue.
,loopqueue  -- Toggles looping for the whole queue.
,shuffle    -- Shuffles the Queue.

,commands   -- Shows all available Commands.
,aliases    -- Shows the Aliases for each Command.
,help       -- Shows you Help for Milrato x Rythm.
,ping       -- Gives you info on how fast the Bot responds.
,uptime     -- Shows the time on how long the Bot is online.

,Embed -- Quick embed your text.
,Say   -- Say your word from bot.

You can use the bot for listening to Spotify song and Playlist too.

If you have any queries and if you need any help join our support Server we will help you

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