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Its a Completely different system, a mixed economy which supports person to person selling, its something more than just a bot.

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Well its not that complex to understand , so let me get this straight, it is nothing more than a simple currency system with money exchange (the coins and the data stored in the bot) and using it , you can purchase stuff like bots , gfx , logos , mod menus,  games etc.

### How Can We Earn Money(ie cred coins)
### -- well there are 3 ways --
- invite members to guild( gives 30 coins)
- sell stuff to earn money(helpful if you are a shop owner)
- daily coin claims( everyone knows how to do it)
- gambling(i dont support it , but its your choice)

## now for selling stuff

here are the requirements to get access to credmenu.
### 1)No Shit Selling
Don't sell shitty things at high prices and also do not demand any actual money.
if found , then the shop will be terminated and your balance will be wiped.
### 2)Be Punctual
Deliver the order to the customer within 7 days , and if you fail to do so and the complaint reaches us , your shop is terminated.
### 3)No Scamming
If you frickin scam, we are gonna put you on the shit list and ban you from the whole organization, and we have a long user chain.

#### If you break any rules , it will be bad for you only , so stay loyal and keep crediting.

## Join Today, and you won't regret it.

![logo]( ).

## for devs
=>the bot is running in beta testings but is stable enough, and the shops will be added manually by me so there is no point of argument.

=> if you wanna have look at the code , its cloned  on [] (
=>  fyi it isn't hosted there, but is just for beta testing and has no relation to original bot code/database.

=>also if you wanna see which packages have been used , see package.json and also the credit for some codes are as follows:

=>TheShadowGamer45 (Anonymous) for [invite system](
=>jowsey for discord.js-menu [npm package](
=>headoros for [discord-economy]( 

## and thats it. vamos amigos

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