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Squarez is just a simple bot that brings the fun to your server, with a simple and easy cube game.

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Squarez? What is that?

Squarez is just a simple bot that brings the fun to your server, with a simple and easy cube game.

A cube game? Yes. A cube game

What is the game about?

The game is simple, you have your player as a Cube and you can move it by replying to Squarez with `down`, `up`, `left` or `right`. When you move your player through the Grid the last grid you stepped on it will turn a Grid of your Color

Your main objective is to Have the most grid count of your Color until the game ends or eliminate other players by removing all the grids of their color

If you ran out of Grids you will be eliminated of the game

You will win the game when you are the last player standing or when the time runs out and you have the most count of grids

Information 5 commands

Shows all the commands related to give you information about the bot and other things

Controller 7 commands This category is the main controll of all the bot features, controlls all the Game instances, Players and more
Utility  3 commands

Contains all the "useful" commands for you

Teams 5 commands The beta features are out, with this category, you can now manage your team or join to an existing team


sq!help: Show all the main page for help

sq!guide: If you are lost and don't know about the game, you can check this how to play guide

sq!invite: If you are enjoying the bot and want it in your server, you can invite it

sq!ping: See the ping between Squarez and the Discord API

sq!tutorial: If you don't know the game basics, you can use this command to get started


sq!create: If you are ready and understand the basics of the game, start creating a new game for you and your friends

sq!leave: If you had enoughfor now, you can leave your actual game and continue later

sq!join: Join to an existing game through the game code

sq!info: See the information of the game you are in

sq!start: Start the game, this action can be done by the host of the game

sq!custom: You can customize your game, to make it more fun for you and your friends


sq!nteam: Create a new team, this action can be done only if you are level 5 or higher

sq!jteam: Join to an existing team through the team invite code

sq!iteam: See the information about the team you are in, including all the leveling progress and challenges

sq!dteam: Disband your team, this will be your last decision if you want to disband your team

sq!lteam: Leave your actual team to begin your own team or join another

sq!cteam: Customize your team to make your team look as you like

sq!liteam: See others available teams and join them!


sq!feedback: Send your feedback to the developer, you can edit the title, description and rating that you want to send

sq!leaderboard: See the leaderboard of top 10 best players of Squarez

sq!profile: See all of your information in the game; Games won, games lost, games played, badges, level and more

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