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AutoPublisher /AutoAnnouncements

Automatically publish messages in announcement or news channels!

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Discord Auto Publisher
Automatically publish messages or news in your announcement channels!

A lightweight bot that will automatically publish every new message in your announcement/news channels to other servers who follow it. An excellent solution for servers who rely on bots (such as RSS feeds) or webhooks to publish their news, allowing your moderators to get some rest from manual publishing.

Bot features no commands because the setup is really easy!

How to set up?

1. Navigate to your announcement channel's settings and give bot the following permissions: Read Messages, Send Messages, Manage Messages, Read Message History

2. Repeat step 1. for every channel where you want auto-publishing

3. Done!

Keep in mind!

Bot can only publish 10 messages per hour per channel (just as users), this is rate limited by Discord!
If you want to temporarily stop the bot from publishing messages in any of your announcement channels, just remove its' Read Messages permission in a desired channel.
If one of your announcement channels is very spammy, your server will get blacklisted from using the bot! Please be sensible when using the bot and don't make your moderation log channels or general chat into an announcement channel.

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