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Games, Wikipedia, Reddit, Moderation and much more with the easy to use 24/7 Discord Bot.

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Prefix: c!

Fun Category: Have A Great Time With Our Silly Commands!

c!catto - Sends random cat pictures

c!doggo - Sends random dog pictures

c!facts - Prints facts that you have no heard

c!joke - Sends only the best jokes

c!dadjoke - Sends the highest quality of dad jokes

c!eightball - The magic 8ball answers all of your questions

c!waifu - Sends pictures or gifs of anime characters (Category required)

c!waifunsfw - Sends risque pictures of anime characters (Category required & only works in NSFW channels)

c!reddit - Sends any post from Reddit from any availible subreddits (Subreddit name required)

Moderation Category: To Help Manage Your Wonderful Server! (Only admins)

c!delete - Deletes messages (Number required)

c!ban - Ban members (Member mention required)

c!kick - Kicks members (Member mention required)

c!warn - Warns members (Warning message required)

Games Commands: Play Exciting Single & Multiplayer Games!

c!aki - Play Akinator in Discord

c!trivia - Test your knowledge with Trivia in Discord

c!coinguess - Guess Cheems' answer by choosing heads or tails

c!diceguess - Guess Cheems' answer by choosing 1 to 6

c!hangman - Hangman in Discord

c!rps - Beat Cheems in rock paper scissors

c!rr - Play Russian Roulette with your friends

Utility Commands: Very Useful Commands!

c!bible - Bible in Discord because why not (Chapter & verse number required)

c!quote - Sends random quotes

c!userinfo - Gives information about a specific member (Member mention required)

c!coin - Flips a coin

c!dice - Rolls a dice

c!poll - Polls for your needs (Poll sentence and minimum 2 options required)

c!wiki - Wikipedia in Discord

c!weather - Shows weather information on specific city (City name required)

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