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HD Music,, React Role, Starboard, Giveaways, Anti-Raid, Logging, Advanced Xp System, Games, Fun, Welcomer, Moderation & More!

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# Stop anyone from trying to destroy your server, verify members, block raiders and spammers efficiently, advanced Ranking system, Music,, Fun commands and have the best moderation commands!

## [Powerful Moderation Features]
The internet is full of bad apples, people who want to ruin your community by causing chaos and destruction. But not to fear, Cap is here. Within seconds, you can lock your server to prevent raiders from spamming your chat and destroying your community, then take the appropriate actions against unwanted users with Security’s powerful moderation capabilities in seconds. Alternatively, set up auto-moderation so Cap will handle raiders in your sleep.

## [Anti-Raid Capabilities]
Urban has one of the best anti raid system, with just 1 command you can lockdown your whole server or ban all the new raiders that joined at specific time. Urban comes with advanced mute and temp role creator aswell which can really help a big guild from getting harmed. It has anti-link etc.

## [Advanced Ranking System ]
Urban has one of the advanced ranking system. People can gain XP by gambling or trading with each other and when you have certain XP then you can automatically get a role. Server admins and owner can set this up.

## [ / Music]
Urban comes with which uses fm api so it can scrobble your data with ease. It has one of the best music system as well so you don't dont have to worry about having the voice channels dry.

## [And Much More]
Cap comes with over 350+ commands from Anti-Nuke to Music. It has bunch of usefull Admin amd Moderation command. If mass users are raiding your server then you can lock the channels, check servers bannedlist without going to server setting, use starboard to star funny or important things, do bunch of polls which every users can do, listen to music while changing the music filters, use bunch of fun commands to keep your server active.

## [SetUP]
### Please give the bot all the permission and put the bot role above every role to use the bot perfectally. First time inviting the bot? then type [.setup] and to know how to setup type [.fmsetup]. For any more help please join the support server

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