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24/7 Highquality Music | Anime info (with download link) | Memes | Indian memes | Games (T&D, wyr & nhie)| Hug, Pat, etc | Hey there! I'm Neko

Prefix: - `-help` [for normal commands] and :) `:)help` [for music commands]

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I'm here to make your life a little easier and to deliver fun, charm and activity to your server. You might wonder, how so? Well, let me introduce you to some of my features:


✤ I can play music from YouTube or from Couldlink. :)play <link/name of the song/couldlink> [You can make that bot 24/7 using trick just add playlist with more than +300 songs it'll play the music of there's no one listening until nobody use stop and clear commend]

-Anime(-Anime ) for getting information about anime and also you'll get link to download the episods related to that anime.

-info (-info ) for related anime information.

✤ I have collection of +200 Indian desi memes -desimeme for indian memes and meme for internatnal memes.

✤ We can play T and D together i have +200 questions and dares for you. [-truth/-t for Truth and -dare/-d for Dare]

✤ I can also play Never have i ever over +100 funny things. -nhie for play Never have i ever.

✤ I also like to play would you rather game wanna play with me? i have +200 Would you rather questions and their answers too just start the game typing -wyr

-help to know my other features/commands.

✤ I can tell you random jokes just type -joke.

✤ I can also give you amazing quotes which you can use as status and share with peoples. (-Quote)

✤ If you are felling bored i can also give you funny advice with -advice.

✤ Update in 5-6 days. [new commands and new things in bot in every 5-6 days]

💓 Hope you'll like to add me in your server.

💓 Hope you'll like to add me in your server.

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