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Homopia Bot

A Multipurpose Discord Bot, Who Can Do Multiple Things To Build Up Your Server

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Homopia Bot

  • Homopia Bot Is A Mutipurpose Discord Bot, Who Can do Multiple Things


  • The Bot Is Made By Node.js + Discord.js
  • The Data Of The Bot User Is SAFED
  • Free To Use, And Safe To Use Discord Bot


  • ADMIN addrole auditlog ban embed hackban kick lock removerole addemoji unban unlock CHATBOT chatbot-disable chatbot-set FUN deepfry coinflip corona drake eightball flipcoin google hack hangman hug joke meme ship slap snake snipe sudo tictactoe triggered trivia tictactoe youtube GENERAL servericon akinator ascii avatar base64 battleship calculator calc choose color country emojify firstmsg invite reverse rps support trivia weather GIVEAWAY gstart gend greroll IMAGE 3000years affect beautiful dog facepalm fire fox gay glass jail kangaroo shit tweet INFO botinfo botinvite report-bug commandscount developer djs feedback github help info roleinfo serverinfo userinfo vote MODERATION purge resetwarns Userid lockchannel mute purge say setchat slowmode unlockchannel unmute warn warnings Userinfo AUTOMODERATION anti-alt antilink autonick autoofficial autoofficiald autorole roleall AURA addword blacklist-server blacklist-user delword whitelist-add whitelist-delete whitelist wordlist OWNER bot-token eval-test eval getinvite reload serverlist TICKET tadd, tclose,tdelete, tnew,topen, tremove ULTILITY bot-token eval-test eval getinvite reload serverlist UPTIMER add ping projects remove stats total uptime Economy work bal lb weekly beg daily shop buy inv search setmoney addmoney transfer


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