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Awesome multi-purpose bot which can be used for moderation, fun and loads more cool stuff!

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Our Bot!


  • Chuck is a bot developed by Far.GG, a bot developer, in the Pycord library, which is a fork of the official library in Python!
  • Chuck was developed in order to make moderation a lot easier, and also let people have loads of fun, without leaving Discord.
  • Chuck is as of now in v2.4.3 and will migrate to slash commands and buttons in v3.0.0.
  • We hope to add a lot more features to the bot in the upcoming future!
  • Stay safe!
  • The prefix is c!


Commands for moderators

  • c!kick: Kicks a member from the guild
  • c!ban: Bans a member from the guild
  • c!unban: Unbans a banned member from the guild
  • c!mute: Restricts a member from talking
  • c!unmute: Lets a muted member talk again
  • c!addrole: Adds a specified role to a member
  • c!purge: Purges/Clears a certain amount of messages(limit=500)
  • c!nuke: Clones a mentioned channel and deletes the old one
  • c!prefix: Set the server prefix for the bot!

Fun commands for everyone!

  • c!avatar: Shows a mentioned member's avatar
  • c!say: The bot says a message for you!
  • c!embed: The bot embeds a message for you!
  • c!8ball: Ask the 🎱ball a question!

Commands for the economy system!

  • c!register: Register for the economy system!
  • c!balance: Shows your account balance!
  • c!beg: Beg for some money
  • c!transfer: Give some of your riches to another person

Miscellaneous commands that don't fit anywhere else

  • c!serverinfo: Shows information about the current server
  • c!whois: Shows information about a mentioned member
  • c!servercount: Shows the number of guilds the bot is in
  • c!invite: Shows the bot's invite link
  • c!ping: Shows the bot's ping
  • c!vote: Shows the vote link for Chuck

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