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Sayla is a multi-purpose Discord bot, made for users to make their discord experience unique, or to be used just as a utility bot.

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Sayla's commands are:


  1. s!counting-leaderboard - Sends an embed with the most users that have counted correctly.
  2. s!set-counting - Sets up the counting channel.


  1. s!balance - Shows your wallet balance and your bank balance.
  2. s!beg - Begs for money.
  3. s!daily - Gives you your daily money.
  4. s!deposit - Deposits the money you specified in the bank.
  5. s!gamble - Test your luck.
  6. s!rob - Robs a specified user.
  7. s!weekly - Gives you your weekly money.
  8. s!withdraw - Withdraws a specified amount of money from your bank.
  9. s!work - Work as a random job and gives you a random amount of money.


  1. s!8ball - Ask the magic 8 ball a question!
  2. s!cat - Sends a random cat image and fact.
  3. s!dice - Roll a number!
  4. s!dog - Sends a random dog image and fact.


  1. s!botinfo - Displays information about Sayla.
  2. s!help - Shows the help page.
  3. s!invites - Shows how many invites the user has and their invitation codes.
  4. s!ping - Returns API and latency ping.
  5. s!serverinfo - Displays information about the guild you're in.
  6. s!userinfo - Shows information about a user that has been mentioned or about yourself if no user is mentioned.


  1. s!bans - Shows the banned users in the guild.
  2. s!ban - Bans the user from the guild.
  3. s!clear - Clears a specified amount of messages in the channel.
  4. s!kick - Kicks the user from the guild.
  5. s!nuke - Nukes a channel by deleting it, then creates a copy of that channel.
  6. s!slowmode - Sets the slowmode for the channel.
  7. s!unban - Unbans the user from the guild using their user ID.
  8. s!voicekick - Kicks someone from voice.


  1. s!setsuggestions - Sets up the suggestion channel. In that channel people can leave suggestions by simply typing their suggestion in the channel.
  2. s!suggestion - Responds to a specified suggestion. Administrators can use this command to accept, decline, or set a waiting status for a suggestion using the message ID, not the embed ID.


  1. s!afk - Puts you in AFK mode.
  2. s!avatar - Shows the avatar of the user. Can also be used using mentions or user IDs.
  3. s!remind - Sets up a reminder.
  4. s!say - Say something through the bot.


  1. s!delwarning - Deletes a warning from a user.
  2. s!warn - Warns a user in the guild.
  3. s!warns - Lets you see the warnings of a user.


  1. s!check-greetings-channel - Checks if there is a greetings channel set up.
  2. s!set-greetings-channel - Sets up the greetings channel using image manipulation when someone joins and leaves.

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