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RLV Super Bot

This bot can do many thing- admin, fun, image, info, moderation, and Utility

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Real Legendary VIP#6825


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My Prefix For {server} Is ?  For More Command Information, Type The Following Command: ?help  or @BEST BOT WATCHER 2 help   :gear: Admin 
addcc, addemoji, ai-setup, alt-config, autorole, bypass-alt, delcc, disablemodlogchannel, disablemuterole, fetch-alts, help-greetings, prefix, setmodlogchannel, setmuterole, svr
  :slight_smile: Fun 
8ball, advice, ascii, binary, clyde, coinflip, comment, connectfour, duelquiz, eject, embedsay, emojify, fact, github, gunfight, howgay, meme, memory, roast, rps, say, shuffle-guess, status, tictactoe, urbandictionary, weather
  :mag: Images 
affect, avatarfusion, beautiful, cat, changemymind, delete, dog, dogfact, facepalm, fire, kangaroo, panda, respect, rip, scary, thomas, tobecontinued, trash, triggered, wasted
  :books: Info 
avatar, botinfo, channelinfo, djsdocs, roleinfo, rolememberinfo, serverav, serverinfo, ss, twitter, whois, wikipedia
  :wrench: Mod 
ban, deafen, dm, hackban, kick, lock, lockdown, mute, purge, resetwarns, roleadd, roledel, setnick, show-warns, slowmode, tempban, unban, undeafen, unlock, unmute, vcmove, warn
  :robot: Utility 
calculate, help, invite, ping, poll, removeafk, setafk, uptime
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