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The Knight

A bot filled with Many multipurpose packs Support SERVER LINK -

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ÐJ》𝐃𝐗𝐓 丶 Pragati#8271


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Support Server



HERE ARE COMMANDS OF THE BOT…. Need help? Here are all of my commands: Use Ahelp followed by a command name to get more additional information on a command. For example: Ahelp ban. ℹ️ BOT CODE INFO dependencies, modules, servers, stats, uptime

ℹ️ GENERAL INFO djs, help, invite, links, ping, serverstats, privacy

:dev: OWNERS shell, control, eval, usage

:loveTriangle: Guessing Games :loveTriangle: find-words, guess-number, lovecalc

🍰 Birthday Commands 🍰 set-birthday, check-birthday

Anti Bad Words anti-badwords 🎎 AUTOMOD anti-alt, antilink, autonick, auto-official-role, auto-official-role-disable, autorole, role-all

:laugh: FUN afk, animesearch, ascii, baka, beep, dumb, calc, cattext, dice, eightball, flipcoin, fliptext, hack, iq, joke, kill, messages, poke, poll, ratewaifu, rps, sneeze, waifu, youtube, zalgo

Information Of People Profile

Biography set-bio, bio-reset, check-bio

Custom Commands cc-create, cc-delete, cc-list 🎚 LEVELING rank

:money: ECONOMY addmoney, balance, beg, bet, buy, daily, deposit, monthly, pay, profile, roulette, weekly, withdraw, work

:cast: LOGS logs-ticket, set-logs, remove-logs

:giveaway: GIVEAWAY edit, list, end, reroll, start,create, cancel

:music: MUSIC ‘sorry but the ytdl core is out of date’

⚠️ REPORT suggest, bug-report

:welcome: WELCOME AND LEAVE leave, set-welcome, set-leave, welcome 🎫 TICKET add, close, delete, new, open, remove, setup

🎭REACTION ROLES reaction-role, reaction-role-remove

🎮 GAMES csgo, poke, slots, tictactoe

:frame_photo: IMAGE 3000yr, approved, batslap, beautiful, brazzers, burn, cat, challenger, cuddle, dict, distort, dog, ddungeon, facechange, fire, flatearth, foxgirl, gay, hug, kiss, love, magik, meme, qrcode, randomav, rip, scary, slap, triggered, tickle, tweet, vs, wanted :tools: MODERATION announce, ban, color, hide, kick, lock, maintainence, nuke, prune, purge, say, sendembed, serverlock, serverunlock, set, slowmode, stealemoji, unban, unhide, unlock, vcid, voicedeafen, voicekick, voicemove, voicemute, voiceundeaf, voiceunmute, warn, warns

🤖CHATBOT ‘doesnt work rn’

🧰 UTILITY avatar, covid, id, members, roleid, github, servericon, serverinfo, time, info, weather

Ratings & Reviews Beta v2.0