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Protics Protection

Protics Protection is advanced protection bot, fast & easy to use server protection.

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Protics Protection is another bot from the Protics bot series. With this bot you can protect the server you are investing so much in. Protics Protection is a bot that can detect and stop some actions that are destroying the server, but you will need to configure it.

So how do you setup Protics Protection?

First of all, and most importantly, as soon as he enters the server give him two things: ADMINISTRATOR permission and put his highest roll on the server so that he can take all the necessary actions in real time. Second, create a protection system of your choice. By writing the command .config set (all commands are down)

Why use Protics Protection?

First of all, fast and consistent support, that is, 24/7 at your disposal for any malfunction or problem created on the support server: Support Server Second, fast and accurate, knows how to detect all actions in time and stop any evil that will try to destroy your server.

Protics Commands

Setting The Config

.config set anti-channels on
.config set anti-channels off
.config set anti-channels punishment kick
.config set anti-channels punishment ban
.config set anti-channels punishment remove-role
.config set anti-roles on
.config set anti-roles off
.config set anti-roles punishment kick
.config set anti-roles punishment ban
.config set anti-roles punishment remove-role
.config set anti-bots on
.config set anti-bots off
.config set anti-bots punishment kick
.config set anti-bots punishment ban
.config set anti-bots punishment remove-role
.config set whitelist @user add
.config set whitelist @user remove
.config set whitelist bots remove
.config set whitelist bots remove
.config set log-channel dm
.config set limit time 30s
.config set limit anti-channels 3
.config set limit anti-roles 3
.config set log-channel #channel

Show The Config

.config show whitelist
.config show all
.config show anti-channels
.config show anti-roles
.config show anti-bots

Reset The Config

.config reset log-channel
.config reset all
.config reset whitelist
.config reset anti-channels
.config reset anti-bots
.config reset anti-roles

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