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Crista Music

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Crista Music Bot Is Best.....!

*afk [afk] ~ to keep the bot in the voice channel for 24/7
*help [command] ~ To show this message
*invite [invite] ~ To add/invite the bot to your server
*leave [leave] ~ Leaves the voice channel of the messenger
*loop loop ~ Toggle music loop
*lyrics [lyrics] ~ Get lyrics for the currently playing song
*nowplaying  ~ To show the music which is currently playing in this server
*pause [pause] ~ To pause the current music in the server
*ping [ping] ~ To see the bot latency
*play  |  ~ To play songs :D
*playlist  ~ To play songs :D
*queue  ~ To show the server songs queue
*remove rm  ~ Remove song from the queue
*resume  ~ To resume the paused music
*search  ~ To search songs :D
*shuffle [shuffle] ~ Shuffle queue
*skip  ~ To skip the current music
*skipto skipto  ~ Skip to the selected queue number
*stop  ~ To stop the music and clearing the queue
*volume [volume] ~ To change the server song queue volume

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